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  • What is the minimum age required to play Paintball?
    At Piquet, the minimum age to play paintball is 8 years old. For younger kids, from 5 years old, we have Gellyball available. Know more:
  • Is Paintball suitable for children?
    Parents and guardians are the best people to determine whether their child is mature enough to participate in Paintball. Our experienced staff can help guide you and will provide further information which may help you in making that determination. Please call us at 561.781.9145 and we will be more than happy to help you.​​
  • Will I need to fill our waivers or registration forms?
    All of our registration steps can be done online prior to your arrival, by clicking THIS LINK. When you make a reservation with a member of our team, we also send you a text message with a specific registration link for your group to ensure fast check-in when you arrive.​
  • Does getting hit by a paintball hurt?
    There may be a minor stinging pain which goes away quickly when a paintball breaks open on impact. It almost feels like getting flicked with a rubber band.
  • How safe is Paintball?
    Paintball is an action sport that is very safe - as long as adequate protection is worn and rules are followed at all times. Eye protection is required and its use inside of our fields, regardless of a game being "on", is mandatory. Paintballs are thin plastic cases filled with water soluble paint. Guns shoot the paintballs at a speed of 300 feet per second. The use of chest protection is recommended for all players, independently of age or gender. We always recommend wearing as many protective layers as you are comfortable with. Even with the Florida heat, please remember that SAFETY IS #1 when choosing your Paintball apparel.​
  • Is there rental equipment available?
    Yes. We have rental packages and require reservations for any groups that need rentals. This ensures that upon your arrival all Paintball markers, tanks and safety equipment are sanitized and ready for your exclusive use.
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